On the Rock: Alcatraz – Episode 2: The Incorrigibles

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“A caged animal turns mean. If you taunt it deliberately, it becomes dangerous” – Alvin Karpis

There weren’t many ways off Alcatraz, especially in the short term. No prisoners were ever paroled out of the prison, the thought was: if you’re bad enough to be on Alcatraz, what business do you have being set loose on the public. Serving out a sentence was usually a long term prospect given the gravity of many of the inmates records.

Being stuck on Alcatraz was enough to drive a man crazy. Dreams of flight would inevitably cross a prisoner’s mind. The options were limited: get a medical transfer, serve your time, die or escape. With the additional pressures of the guards, the rule-of-silence, the threats of being locked away in a dungeon dramatically increased the thoughts of getting off the island.

Over the course of Alcatraz’s time as a Federal Prison 28 prisoners would be transferred by boats in body body bags to the morgue in San Francisco. The records kept, the guards, and those who survived sentences on Alcatraz would tell their tales.

Norman T Whitaker, Brains of the Mutiny Plot after the death of Jack Allen on January 17th, 1936.
Georg “Machine Gun Kelly” Barnes (AZ-117), Imprisoned on Alcatraz from 1934-1951.
Al Capone (AZ-85)
Jimmy “Tex” Lucas, Ring Leader of the 1936 Alcatraz Strike. Capone’s tormentor along with other “Texas Cowboys”
Former Alcatraz Dungeons
Joseph Bower (AZ-210)
“Capone Stabbed in Prison” Daily News June 24,1936

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