Hello! I am Anthony, the creator and host of Shadows of History Podcast. I have a bachelor’s degree in history and a rabid interest in history. I will be approaching this podcast as a curious investigator of the past, not an academic. Shadows of History will look at the some of the most famous eras of history and scratch away at some of the lost or overlooked details. Using primary sources and writings by great historians, I want to dig into the details and survey the view of history from the ground. Shadows of History is a popular history podcast.

The blog on this site will be a resource for listeners.  Photos, maps and sources will be available. The blog will also feature addendum’s, updates and corrections to the podcast. Additionally, if I have a subject that I am tackling and don’t have a way to fit it into a show, I  will likely do a brief blog write up or short episode.

I sincerely hope you find The Shadows of History Podcast entertaining and useful.

– Anthony, creator of Shadows of History