Quintis Sertorius

Quintis Sertorius (c. 125-72 B.C.) – A Roman general and leader. Losing a major war, he was banished from Rome by the dictator Sulla. Sertorius assembled an army of Spanish and Italian deserters and refugees along with African warriors and missionaries that was large in number. He would go on to fight and defeat many of Sulla’s top generals in Civil War. He was known for attacking supply lines and cutting off enemies. His strategies and ability to fight back became a great thorn Sulla’s side.

“His promotion to the rank of commander did nothing to diminish his daring as a fighting soldier: on the contrary, he continued to carry out extraordinary feats of courage in battle and to expose himself unsparingly, with the result that he was wounded and lost the sight of an eye. This was an injury on which he always prided himself. Others, he used to say, could not always carry about with them the decorations they had received for their valour, but must leave their necklaces and spears and crowns behind, whereas he could wear the badge of courage wherever he went, and those who saw what he had lost saw the proof of his bravery at the same time.” – Plutarch on Setroius’ valour .

“Sertorius was a man, it is said, whose nature enabled him to resist pleasure and fear alike: he was unmoved in the face of danger, nor did he become over-elated with success.” – Plutarch on Setroius’ nature.

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